News from the 04-27-16 VLOG (Click to Watch Now)

Doctors Attack E-Cigarette Taxes, Tell FDA To Focus On Benefits Of Vaping

E-Cigarette Study: Vaping Indoors ‘Unlikely’ To Pose Any Risk To Non-Vapers

Wasserman Schultz Slammed For Opposition To E-Cigarettes

Long Island Man Says E-Cigarette Battery Exploded in Pocket

Vaping now allowed on hospital grounds

Vapers Win Big: House Committee Passes Amendment To Save E-Cigarettes

News from the 04-18-16 VLOG (Click to Watch Now)

Public vaping of marijuana fueled Legislature’s new e-cigarette rules

Commission To Consider Allowing Vaping In County Buildings

Seeing 'tempting' e-cigarette displays in shops encourages kids to start vaping, study finds

Vaping is getting out of control

E-Cigarette Explosion Inflicts Horrific Injuries on New York Teen

Vaping in public: Yes or no?